Creative Gift Wrapping

Creative Gift WrappingA little while ago, my daughter was invited to a birthday party. I stupidly left the gift-wrapping until the very last moment and came to realize that I’d forgotten to buy wrapping paper. I could have gone the gift bag route, but I was all out of tissue paper as well.

Completely unorganized! I’m not normally this bad, I swear.

We had received a package from Amazon a few days earlier and I remembered that some of the brown paper that they used to protect the items was still in our recycle bin.

I wrapped the gift in plain brown paper and handed it to my daughter, who is 5. I gave her free rein on the decoration. She used markers, stickers and stamps and made it look fabulous. I finished it off with some ribbon and a tiny stuffed animal and it was done.

I was relieved that I’d gotten myself out of a hole, but I really wasn’t prepared for the complements we received on our “original idea”.

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